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If you have questions, I've got answers!

Q: Are flowers included with the packages?

A: Flowers are included with each package if the quantity and color of floral product is on hand. If I do not carry the quantity and style of floral products requested, fees will then apply (this is not a full price fee).

Q: I'm having a small party-I don't need everything that is listed with the package. Is it possible to only have a backdrop?

A: Absolutely-my services can be customized to fit your needs and budget.

Q: What does it cost to book a service?

A: No event is priced the same. Although each package has a standard starting price, ultimately, the price of any event will depend on the details. The price can vary depending on decor and design requests. For example, an increase in table decor/linens to accommodate more guests, location, floral add-ons, etc. A service can be as low as $500 and as high as $10,000+.

Q: Do you provide personalized decor?

A: I will customize your event to your color and decor preferences. You want a flower wall-I will give you a flower wall, you want rainbow table covers-I got you.

Unfortunately, I do not provide any personalized items. I can provide letters and numbers, but not any specific names. However, I will certainly set up any personalized decor you purchase.  

Q: Do you only use what you have? Will I be limited with colors and decor options?

A: I can work with any color scheme, and I do my absolute best to accommodate any decor requests that you may have. However. when I do use what I have, the goal is to make it unique with each event, it’s also the most cost-efficient choice for clients.

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